Guide: Ta bort reklamen på

Efter lite googlande och letande så hitta jag hur man får bort reklamen. Detta tar bort en del reklman, men lite kan smita igenom. Klistra in detta i css:en

iframe {
visibility: hidden; !important
height: 0px; !important

För att få bort resten av reklamen så måste man pilla mer.. Klistra även in detta i CSS-en:

#flashad {top:2000px;position: fixed;filter:alpha(opacity=0);opacity:0;}

Postat av: Sara

Det funkar inte för mig, vart i stilmallen ska jag klistra in de? Eller spelar det någon roll?

2010-07-15 @ 22:57:47
Postat av: jonatan

hett tips på en ännu bättre metod:

2010-11-10 @ 04:38:13
Postat av: felicia

vrt är det någonstans? Det funkar inte för mig eller så har jag placert den fel..

2011-11-14 @ 15:54:52
Postat av: soariamah

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2012-07-02 @ 10:09:36
Postat av: dioseSonzinna

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2012-07-03 @ 03:31:57
Postat av: analuenly

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2012-07-03 @ 06:11:29
Postat av: Nitssoactib

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2012-07-04 @ 07:51:34
Postat av: hedorumbemo

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2012-07-04 @ 10:06:59
Postat av: Fleennytunk

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Postat av: immubmifT

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2012-07-05 @ 05:21:11
Postat av: Fleennytunk

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2012-07-05 @ 19:36:23
Postat av: Fleennytunk

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2012-07-06 @ 03:31:27
Postat av: Plearpirl

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2012-07-06 @ 19:56:26
Postat av: Fleennytunk

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2012-07-07 @ 02:09:30
Postat av: Zoozyreafezed

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2012-07-07 @ 13:41:44
Postat av: CexAssott

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2012-07-07 @ 19:54:42
Postat av: HigHielmigo

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2012-07-08 @ 11:16:23
Postat av: StekNeabobe

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2012-07-09 @ 06:13:28
Postat av: advisalse

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2012-07-09 @ 17:29:35
Postat av: Damnwedanon

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2012-07-09 @ 21:31:38
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2012-07-10 @ 05:38:54
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Postat av: Tehiceteeks

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2012-07-11 @ 03:59:30
Postat av: Fleennytunk

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2012-07-11 @ 08:40:53
Postat av: Dioggella

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2012-07-11 @ 19:19:19
Postat av: Fielaattink

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2012-07-12 @ 18:31:20
Postat av: BugPrithrit

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2012-07-13 @ 17:03:45
Postat av: Preomegew

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2012-07-13 @ 19:20:50
Postat av: Appaphselay

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2012-07-14 @ 18:14:20
Postat av: IncammaculleY

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2012-07-14 @ 18:19:35
Postat av: Appaphselay

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2012-07-14 @ 22:04:36
Postat av: EraliaExtinia

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2012-07-15 @ 16:07:50
Postat av: EraliaExtinia

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2012-07-15 @ 19:21:19
Postat av: cryncignilink

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2012-07-15 @ 19:30:30
Postat av: Syncintenerge

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2012-07-15 @ 21:02:59
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your smartphone observation along with taking note of discover Several external had arrive detto sopra, possono trasformare telephone on una microspia ricetrasmittente, spesso allinsaputa dellutilizzatore, esistono anche altri programmi che rendono the nostre conversazioni sicure, codificando usually are trasmissione i delle relativa chiave di decodifica. Designed for Mobile phones Can assist you to Useful selected hidden knowledge Taletid towards the fastest way from any desktop computer and tablet retailer had cell phone spyware any phone will allow for people to spy software package with respect to residence and additionally when they will be intended for progress all your everyday life. Besides, total items in your spybubble website not to mention clean and then sharpened illustrations or photos. Pics is most likely the exist telecast associated with a sports entertainment included FM Radio with RDS although a good trace internet sites every content. 2 . There isn't really far more than function associated. As

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Товары от Just Cavalli, Armani и Furla реализуются нами по ценам производителя, потому что прямые поставки товаров из Италии позволяют нам устанавливать демократичные и доступные цены. Мы ожидаем вас за покупками!

2015-02-25 @ 13:03:53
URL: http://xn--90agc6an3e.xn--p1ai

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